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Ambassador Kit PaoPao‘s Choice

Ambassador Kit PaoPao‘s Choice

PROducts in this bundle are recommended by Neuland Ambassador Pao Pao

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Love what I do and Do what I love. This is a quote that I like. I feel the philosophy...meer

Love what I do and Do what I love.

This is a quote that I like. I feel the philosophy of Neuland is the same. I am a Graphic Facilitator and Graphic recorder based in China mainland.  I met Neuland first time at IFVP conference in New York in 2013. I fell in love at first sight. professional, smooth, reliable I can find 20 words to describe how much I love this marker. I have never used such good marker before, I bought full of my suitcase and back to China.

one major part of my business is give training in Graphic facilitation, many of my participants are become fan of Neuland marker, and always ask me to buy it for them. lately, i thought: How nice if I can become as a bridge, introduce Neuland product into China and let more people know about it. I started to approach them, long story with many chapters. first year wasn’t succeed to become Neuland dealer, 2nd year finally convinced them, not because I am a big dealer and can make a huge profit for them, most importantly is How much love that I have in Neuland marker and I am the pioneer in China to spread the idea of Visual thinking. I guess Neuland looking forward to work with professionals who is in love with their product, share the same norms and value and not just for business purpose.

We are so honorable to become partner and ambassador in China. Neuland gave us many support in my business and personal developments, we are so happy and appreciated to have them in China.
If you want to portent as professionals: Choose Neuland
If you want to become professionals: Choose Neuland
If you want to further development: Choose Neuland
If you don’t want to regret with money you spend on marker: Choose Neuland

General info:
Name: Paopao Mao (Ms. Bubble)
Life experience: born in China, 2 years study in Demark, 13 years work and living experience in the Netherland, back to China in 2013. Now live in a farmhouse, Dali, China with her husband, 4 dogs, 1 cat, and 3 chickens
Major background: Fine art, BA in Fashion design, MA in Educational psychology
Founder of Visual-Bubble.com
Graphic facilitator/Graphic Recorder/trainer/coach
Based: China but work internationally
years in filed: 5 years

Formal board member of IFVP in 2014
Ambassador of IFVP in China
Pioneer of Graphic facilitation in China 

The best GR experience:
Graphic Recording for Prince Charles, few other royal families, member from United Nation etc. during 2016 Svalbard International sustainable conference  


1 x AcrylicOne BIG, wedge nib 8-15 mm, 19/set 
Materials packed in a cotton bag.


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