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Ambassador Kit Nevada's Choice

Ambassador Kit Nevada's Choice

PROducts in this bundle are recommended by Neuland Ambassador Nevada Lane

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 I like to use a fairly simple palette when I’m recording and try to use colors...meer


 I like to use a fairly simple palette when I’m recording and try to use colors systematically to support the hierarchy of information. When I’m picking a palette, I always start with Neuland black #100 (which I use 90% of the time for lettering) and a shadow color (either Neuland pastel blue #303, light grey #102 or grey #102). Then I pick a main color that I think fits the tone of the content (I’m often drawn to the blue tones of #301, #302, #304, and the beautiful new ocean #305), a supporting color that complements the main color in some way (often orange #600 or #601 or red #200), and, finally, a highlight color (usually one of the Neuland yellows, either #500, #501, #502 or, my new favorite, #503!). 




 I use the smaller No.Ones for the majority of my lettering and the small Outliners (round nib in particular) for most of my icons (so that I can color them in later without fear of smearing). I use the BigOnes for titles, background color blocks, key text that needs to pop off the page, and coloring in large areas. The most used markers in my bag are blacks, even though my charts are pretty colorful!

I do use pastels (with restraint), and my two favorite colors to use are PanPastel turquoise and hansa yellow.

Nevada’s dream starter kit. You can work some serious magic with this set :):


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