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Ambassador Kit Amanda`s Choice

Ambassador Kit Amanda`s Choice

PROducts in this bundle are recommended by Neuland ambassador Amanda Lyons

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Goodmorning and happy drawing! I love Neuland ® markers and recommend them to anyone looking...meer

Goodmorning and happy drawing!

I love Neuland® markers and recommend them to anyone looking for a quality marker. Materials matter.
Neulands are hands down my favorites for visual storytelling live as well as art journaling and adding that extra
layer to acrylic paintings! Plus the nibs are replaceable (for when they get worn out) and the ink is refillable
(and super easy to refill) which makes them a bit better for our environment. Yay!

How do I use Neulands? I carry them with me wherever I go, in different quantities and different zipper
pouches. Got to love a pouch that’s small enough to throw in your day bag! For this I take a few: always black,
usually pastel blue (303) and lately pastel green (403) and my favorite acrylic paint markers of the day. I
recommend trying out different styles and finding what’s best for you! When I’m headed to a gig, I take lots of
colors and options so that when a client says, ‘I love red, do you have red?’ I can easily use some red while

Here I’ll recommend two different kits, the first to experiment (this is the kit that got me hooked) and the second
for when you’re ready to invest in more colors for more variety (so worth it)!


Lyons-1    LyonsAmanda-2

Curious to learn more about Amanda? See visualsforchange.com!

The Experimenting Kit
This kit will help you get the feel for the different sizes and begin to highlight with a touch of color. I tend to
draw all in black, outlines that sometimes get colored in or highlighted with color. That is my stylistic choice – try
it out and see if it works for you.
I’m currently in love with the standard permanent blacks (always!), especially the bullet tip as I like the way it
allows me to flow when writing and drawing. Also, hello BigOnes, you had me at first sight! These markers are
beautiful allowing you to fill space with color quickly and write bigger letters from the start.
1x Neuland FineOne® Outliner, round nib 1 mm, black
1x Neuland No.One® Outliner, wedge nib 2-6 mm, black
1x Neuland No.One® Outliner, round nib 2-3 mm, black
1x Neuland BigOne® Outliner, wedge nib 6-12 mm, black
Neuland No.One®, wedge nib, 1 each (pastel blue 303, pastel violet 702, red 200, light grey 102)

The Kit for Colorful Work and Play
This kit will expand your color horizons giving you more color options to pair together. It also adds a few acrylic
paint markers to play! Have fun!
Neuland No.One®, wedge nib, 1 each (ocean 305, denim blue 304, neon green 405, pastel green 403, orange
600, brilliant yellow 500, salmon 602, light brown 805)
1x AcrylicOne BIG, wedge nib 8-15 mm, white (AC501)
1x AcrylicOne BIG, wedge nib 8-15 mm, black (AC550)
1x AcrylicOne MEDIUM, round nib 2.5mm, light green (AC536)
1x AcrylicOne MEDIUM, round nib 2.5mm, brilliant blue (AC529)

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